Thursday, February 17, 2011

I need this book ...

Like I Give a Frock
Fashion Forecasts and Meaningless Misguidance


bikim said...

i don't care much about fashion "ins"!!!!! i just wear what i feel like how i like!
there are times i just buy nothing! because it's sooo not my style!! ex: navy style, large clothes,...
we make our fashion and it doesn't matter if one is 1,60!
happy day!

thanks for becaming a follower! i'll do the same for you!

Mergirl said...

Wait, you know I agree with you right?!?!
Fashion is and will always be about personal style. Makes everything so much more interesting.

I have a shop called FROCK, where I sell the clothing I design. Thought the book would be so cute in the store b/c of title not the content inside. :)

Happy day!

Lily said...

Hi Trish,
I am working on putting ideas together to open my own boutique. There is not much information out there about what to do and not to do when you open a business, especially a boutique. I have been designing hats and jewelry and lately some clothing. I have been selling my creations in crafts shows, home shows and a few boutiques carry my things. I recently found a good location for rent but I am hesitating since I don't have much experience. I believe in my work and I know I will be successful. The shop that I would like to open, besides selling my own creations, I am thinking of taking the work of other artists/designers (handmade in CT). I am a big fan of your work and I was wondering if you can give me a few hints. Any advice you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

AVY said...

Yay! Fashion can be so horrible sometimes.

/ Avy