Sunday, January 23, 2011

Smocking by hand

There will be a lot of hand smocking in the spring/summer collection. I forgot how much I love to hand smock. I love most hand stitching. I get into a very quiet meditative state while stitching. It's so rhythmic. Each stitch, though small, is proof of accomplishment. The perfect little symbol to remind whoever sees them that someone took the time to thread a needle and create them. They could quite possibly be like snowflakes, each stitch unique, no two are alike. A tell tale sign they were made by a pair of human hands.


Ionwen Charlesworth... said...

Oh I totally agree. Something so satisfying about hand stitching! I tend to do my button holes by hand! X

TD wool design said...

so pretty. those details make all the difference sometimes.

Mergirl said...

Hi Sarah! I know... and I forgot how much I love to do them.

It was like all of a sudden realizing I could speak french fluently. When I started the stitches, it unlocked a flood of other stitches and details that all came pouring into my memory. Pour little things were imprisoned behind bars somewhere in the nether reaches of space in my brain, left wondering if they would ever see the light of day.

Mergirl said...

Ionwen, Thank you for sharing! Buttonholes are a good one. I think the last time I did a buttonhole by hand was over 20 years ago. I think I will have to resurrect them... thank you for the inspiration. I will post my attempts.

I wonder if it will be like riding a bike ... the stitches may be a bit wobbly at first but will hopefully get better with time.

Mergirl said...

I also wanted to share these 2 articles with you both,

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and ...

Using Your Hands to Soothe the Brain: Part 2

seems to be in the vein of our convo.
happy, happy,
xo trish