Monday, October 11, 2010

handspun bulky yarn

I am looking for hand spun, bulky, soft, natural fiber yarn in winter whites, creams and blues. If anyone has seen such yarns, please send links my way.


Ginamonster said...

Hi! My dear friend Stacey May sent me your way! I am a spinner! How bulky? (bulky is a challenge but one I am willing to take!) and how long until you need it?

Mergirl said...


That was so nice of Stacey! Love her. I'm not sure how bulky. I want to knit a chunky scarf in a cream or winter white or pale blue. I love bulky yarns that are spun with an uneven tension so there are segments of the yarn that are tighter and much more thinner and segments that are big and chunky.

Do you have pictures of your yarns? Would love to see! What do you charge for your yarns and what do you spin with?