Sunday, September 19, 2010

Taken ...

I didn't realize you would mistake my hospitality and graciousness when I welcomed you into FROCK today. I am so sorry if I gave you the impression that my clothing was free. I am so sorry if I made you feel welcome to come in and help yourself to what ever you wanted as if it were your own closet. Clearly there was a miscommunication because you took 2 things that weren't yours.

You felt so privileged, you took my lovely skirt inspired by the ocean and a beautiful lacy mohair sweater I had just finished making and newly hung on our rack.

I think the most important thing you took from me today was the experience and the connection I would have made with the person/people who would have eventually bought those pieces. Now I will never see the smile on the person's face who was meant have them.

Anyone on the shoreline in Connecticut that wants to share this on their blog or Facebook page it is much appreciated. If anyone sees it walking around, it was stolen. There was only one ever made.


Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

So sorry to read this happened to you. I hope you catch them.
I know how awful it can be when someone steals from you.
Leaves a pit in your stomach and you start to mistrust everyone that comes thru your door.

Keep smiling and know that only bad karma can come to them.

Mergirl said...

Hi Carole,
Thank you for your kind words ... I will keep smiling ...I refuse to let them steal my smile. Life is way to short for that.

Priscilla said...

This is such a violation, Trish. Your whole spirit is about welcome and sharing. May they be caught and shamed.

Mergirl said...

Hi Priscilla, can you believe it? Right out from under my nose. Thank you your kind words for thinking of me!