Sunday, September 19, 2010

Taken ...

I didn't realize you would mistake my hospitality and graciousness when I welcomed you into FROCK today. I am so sorry if I gave you the impression that my clothing was free. I am so sorry if I made you feel welcome to come in and help yourself to what ever you wanted as if it were your own closet. Clearly there was a miscommunication because you took 2 things that weren't yours.

You felt so privileged, you took my lovely skirt inspired by the ocean and a beautiful lacy mohair sweater I had just finished making and newly hung on our rack.

I think the most important thing you took from me today was the experience and the connection I would have made with the person/people who would have eventually bought those pieces. Now I will never see the smile on the person's face who was meant have them.

Anyone on the shoreline in Connecticut that wants to share this on their blog or Facebook page it is much appreciated. If anyone sees it walking around, it was stolen. There was only one ever made.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Thursday, September 09, 2010

IFB Evolving Influence Conference NYFW

The Independent Fashion Bloggers, Evolving Influence Conference, was held two stories below the Hudson Hotel right around the corner from Lincoln Center, the new home to New York Fashion Week. The message today was loud and clear; be 100% yourself, 100% of the time if you are trying to build a community around your blog. The niche community you build, because of that purity to please yourself versus trying to please your community or anyone else, will be what makes your blog/community worth it's weight in gold.

the visual vibe and feel of the day ...

I also learned about Jeff Silverman shoes. Did you know you could design your own shoes?

Wednesday at FROCK

... a wedding dress fitting.

the funniest part ... from the street we here someone yelling turn around ... bride's sister was driving by right as it was happening. Serendipitous, is the only way to say it ... and that kind of thing happens all the time.

ps ... no getting hopes up, I don't do wedding dresses anymore, although this is the second one in 2 weeks. The first bride tricked me, no one was more shocked than me. It's not nice to fool mother nature.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Sleeves are making an appearance

.... as we enjoy the last 3 weeks of summer ... I am happy to say sleeves are showing back up in the collection. If your in the market and starting to think about what you may need for fall, keep checking in as MerGirl make the transition to warmer clothing.

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