Sunday, February 21, 2010


What a rockin' good time it was last night. Trinity Samba & Sound of Brazil and Cantico played an amazing night of music.
I had the great pleasure of being one of the volunteer bar tenders(in 4 inch platform shoes, covered from head to toe with glitter) for the evening with Richelle, Eric and Jerry. Here are some pics of the Seaweed Nymph of the Kelp Forest costume I made for Ruth and the MerGirl costume I made myself for the festivities.
The theme of the Samba Rio - Under the Sea

.....tendrils of green and brown seaweed

...oh, and the MerGirl headpiece.

...cascades of falling water.

Love how this fabric looked like it had tiny little blue lights all over it.

Secretly, I wish I could dress this way every day.


Dina Varano said...

Love it all Trish! I have to say, though, the headpiece...can I order 2 mini ones for my girls?!?

Mergirl said...

omg!!!!!!! Those little beauty girls would look so fabulous in those headpeices!