Friday, January 29, 2010

an exercise in stripes

loved the vintage quality to the orange in this piece of knit fabric. It inspired me to create a dress with a vintage flare. I couldn't resist playing with the stripes. Treating them as I would silk charmuese by cutting them on the bias to create the chevron pattern down center front & back. The diamond shapes set into the side seam cut on the straight grain for a contrast. When working with stripes in this way, I do enjoy the engineering challenge of trying to make them match as much as possible. The most important match is center front & back. The trick to matching the side seams is balancing the side seam front pattern to the side seam back pattern. If that is done, matching the center front and back will automatically match the side seam stripes. Well ... that is, if the stripe is symmetrical.

I removed the belt to show the details.

oops ... one stripe a tad off.


Julie said...

Wow! That is so gorgeous!!!!! :)

Mergirl said...

Awwwwwwww! Thank you!!!!!!

Chris said...

love it!!! :) I want one :D

Mergirl said...

Stay tuned more coming in other fabrics!