Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The e-list Distcount Card

MerGirl is a participating merchant. Come in with the e-list discount card and you will get 15% off every MerGirl purchase of $100 dollars or more every time you shop. Details below about the card and how to purchase. There is also a link to take a peek at all the participating merchants all along the shoreline.

The e card is a discount card to the best shops, restaurants and services on the Shoreline. Use it every time you shop with participating merchants. It is not a limited one-time use coupon! Every merchant participating in the card has been listed on the e list. Erica has shopped there, eaten there or used the service.

Click here to go to the list of participating merchants. Then click on the merchant name to visit their website, or search the e list to see what Erica had to say. Discounts and offers listed are subject to change. Some services are limited to first time clients.

The cost of the card is $25 PER YEAR plus $1 shipping and handling, (10% of which will be donated to local non-profit organizations). Purchase the e card online now, by clicking here. You'll receive it within 7 to 10 days.

We think it makes a great gift, too. While they're devouring the free oyster sampler at Liv's Oyster Bar, or taking 10% off a cashmere sweater at Khaki and Black, or drinking a free mini martini at Restaurant L&E, they'll think of you! Just tell us where to send it.

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