Monday, November 02, 2009

Don't Dream Your Life ...

Live Your Dream.

This thought is so who I am. I am such a dreamer. I try to live my dreams everyday. I will admit this isn't always easy. It has brought me to tears many times along the way. My friends and family can vouch for this. I still wouldn't change any of it for a second of it ... not one second.

It is this sentiment that lead to my most recent purchase.
It is a beautiful necklace from Sima Gilady. She is an independent designer who loves her family, her job and her life. She also believes in the power of positive thinking.
I know this because I read her profile.
I like to know a little bit about the people I am purchasing from.
It makes every item I own special.



A close up.

The saying on this beautiful silver disk written in Hebrew:

Don't Dream Your Life, Live Your Dream.

On me.

The necklace hasn't even been in my possession for a week and has already caused conversations to be interrupted by someone reaching out to touch it, tell me how beautiful it is and ask where I got it.

a gift.

Thank so much Sima.
I love my necklace
Thank you for the lovely gift.
I love my key chain.

It really is mine, it has my name on it.
I put my keys on it right away.

You can purchase this necklace from Sima Gilady through Smashing Darling.
You can view her whole collection here.


♥SimaG Jewelry♥ said...

T H A N K YOU so much Trish for the most B E A U T I F U L post.
You made me cry.. enjoy your new necklace{Live Your Dream} and new keychain{Drive Safely}.

made with LOVE,

Mergirl said...

Thank you so much! I love them so much!