Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Thanksgiving Breakfast With Friends

Our breakfast destination was this beautiful, red, houseboat docked on the Connecticut River.

Thank you Jeremy for hosting breakfast.
I love your boat.
I can't wait to see the upstairs when it is done.

It was a perfect way to kick off the holiday.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sunday Holiday Market

Join Laura and I for the next 5 Sundays, Nov 22 - Dec. 20.
We will be all set up inside of the Lori Warner Gallery.
Make sure to pop in and say hi.


Raspberry Ruffle Dress

This is the second MerGirl dress within a week to be making it's way to Texas. This one is for a silent auction somewhere in or around Austin. The other, a black a-line tank dress went off to Edinburg, TX. I'm going to start putting pins in a map of all the great places my dresses are traveling to. It's kind of fun to think my clothing is bopping all around the globe.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Jeanie's Dress From the Beginning

It all starts with a piece of muslin.

Draping the front panel.

Center front to princess seam, complete.

Each panel was cut out separately... strategically place the pattern of the fabric on the dress.
Pinning the panels on the dress form as I worked.

The bottom of the sleeve reminds me of a Chinese lantern

It's all in the details.

...and when you can't get the pattern where you want it by repositioning the pattern piece, move the pattern. Applique works wonders.

This dress is for Jeanie Rapp. She is wearing it to tomorrow night's premier of Wild Black Yonder. A play by Lary Bloom.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Don't Dream Your Life ...

Live Your Dream.

This thought is so who I am. I am such a dreamer. I try to live my dreams everyday. I will admit this isn't always easy. It has brought me to tears many times along the way. My friends and family can vouch for this. I still wouldn't change any of it for a second of it ... not one second.

It is this sentiment that lead to my most recent purchase.
It is a beautiful necklace from Sima Gilady. She is an independent designer who loves her family, her job and her life. She also believes in the power of positive thinking.
I know this because I read her profile.
I like to know a little bit about the people I am purchasing from.
It makes every item I own special.



A close up.

The saying on this beautiful silver disk written in Hebrew:

Don't Dream Your Life, Live Your Dream.

On me.

The necklace hasn't even been in my possession for a week and has already caused conversations to be interrupted by someone reaching out to touch it, tell me how beautiful it is and ask where I got it.

a gift.

Thank so much Sima.
I love my necklace
Thank you for the lovely gift.
I love my key chain.

It really is mine, it has my name on it.
I put my keys on it right away.

You can purchase this necklace from Sima Gilady through Smashing Darling.
You can view her whole collection here.