Monday, April 20, 2009

Lunch at River Tavern w/ my friend Laurence Lavagne

She is a beautiful artist and potter. She is one of the crew I eat breakfast with some mornings at Simon's Market Place. I am so amazed at the talent I am surrounded by everyday. I am very lucky. Being at lunch today was a reminder of this fact and so very inspiring for me. It was so amazing seeing all of her collections of pottery all around the room. The collections are so strong. The designs, glazes, and pottery itself are so delicate and fragile...each piece one of a unique. I couldn't resist, I had to own a couple of bowls that are perfect for cupping your hands around and sipping any kind of hot liquid from. It is the beginning of a collection I will continue to add to.

All the photos were taken by Laura Larson
and just so you know how amazing she is, all the photos were taken with my iphone because Laurence forgot a camera. Like I said, I am so lucky everyday. I am surrounded by talented inspiring people.


Missy Yakimoff said...

wow...this is gorgeous~! have her contact me at fire & rain...I would love to sell her stuff!

Mergirl said...

Hi Missy,
I will! Thank you so much for offering! That is awesome!!!! Hopefully one day soon I will be able to show you some of my stuff too!

mandy carroll-leiva said...

Fabulous! Beautiful pics of beautiful work and with such nice thoughts- sounds like a lovely afternoon!

Mergirl said...

Hi Mandy, It was a very lovely afternoon! Laurence's work is so beautiful...and the photos La took with my iphone...amazing.