Sunday, April 26, 2009

An inspiring trip to NYC

My 3 day trip in NYC started and ended with Maggie Mistal. A woman I met because of my work with Smashing Darling. Thursday, the day I arrived we had a wedding dress fitting at her apartment. I have enjoyed going into the city to meet her for the fittings. It is bringing up an old dream for me. When I gave up my apartment there almost 20 years ago, I always thought to myself, 'by the time I am 45 I want to own an apartment here'. Well here I am, 42 and liking the fact that for a few different reasons I have been traveling back and forth to the city for work. I am also starting to understand that the power of our dreams is amazing.

A few of Maggie's wedding details:
The color of the dress is the palest of blues. A tiara I designed a few years ago of blue, vintage, swarovski crystals is perfect on her. It was always one of my favorite tiaras and I often wondered why it never sold. Now I know why. When I saw it on Maggie, with her soft blond hair and china doll blue eyes, it became was meant to be hers. (It is funny how when left to it's own devices, the universe will always deliver things to their proper time and space.) She will have simple buttons that I cover down the back of her dress, and a smidge of silk tulle peaking out the hem. The fun will be dying the tulle to match the dress. (When I was little my mom used to make our holiday dresses and dye our slips to match. It is a little detail that makes the wearer know they are special, even when no one else can see.) The pale peach lacey knit will be for a little shrug sweater with 3/4 sleeves.

I can't forget to show the shoes, they were the inspiration for the whole color palette, and the reason all the details are falling into place so easy. Maggie was pretty clear when we started that these were the shoes shoes she wanted to wear. When a woman knows even one detail about her wedding that is important to her, it makes everything else just unfold and fall into place.

I will meet up with Maggie again on Sat at 4:00 for a cabaret called Follow Your Dreams.

Details of my 3 days of inspiration:

I filled the time up in between my two Maggie events by meeting up with Modarling. First we attended a grand opening for Nolcha's new retail space located at 238 Mulberry st. After the opening we had dinner with emerging fashion designer Bob Bland of Brooklyn Royalty at Cafe Habana in nolita. Great place, I highly recommend the corn on the cob. Friday morning we headed over to Chelsea to Gagosian Gallery to see, Mosqueteros, a Picasso exhibit. Met up with emerging designer Kaytee Papusza of Papusza Couture and had lunch at Spice.We popped in on a trunk show for emerging designer Rebecca Turbow on Lafayette St. where we found a resource for designers to sell off small runs of inventory, very happy about that, that was a good find. I can't remember where we dined that night. I do remember stopping on Elizabeth Street for champagne cocktails after shoe shopping. Sat. morning we headed to Rabbit Hole in Brooklyn for brunch, where we dined alfresco on their patio out back. We hopped the subway back into NYC for coffee at Abra├žo Espresso, then headed uptown where we ended up sunning ourselves in Central Park before we headed to Don't Tell Mama for Maggie's cabaret.

Some pics from along the way...
at the back of the photo is the top of the Empire State building lit up green for earth day

a very sparkly peaceful van

The great lawn in Central Park

This was a wall of wishes that 2 men were carrying by us, all the colorful bits are paper rolled up and slid into a spot. I really want to believe every peice of paper has a wish on it that someone wrote out.

my favorite message of the trip.
I can not be reminded of this to many times, because moments are precious.

Maggie's cabaret was the perfect finish to the 3 days spent in NYC. First of all, she has an amazing voice. I loved her choices for songs too. The cabaret is called, Follow Your Dreams, because that is what Maggie helps people do. She is a career coach for people who want to take the next step to achieving their dreams. She also practices what she preaches, 2 years ago she decided to pursue one of her dreams of becoming a singer. She started with lessons and look at her now. During an intermission, her fiance Craig helped her by taking the mike and encouraged guests to write out their dreams on a card provided. He tells us that if we write out our dreams they are 3 times more likely to come true. He then encourages people to say them out loud. He tells us that our dreams are 10 times more likely to come true if we actually say them out loud. That was all I needed to here. I want my dreams to come true so I raised my hand and announced out loud I want to own a home in New York City. He also said it is even better if we put a date on it. I said 2012. That is 3 years from now and I will be 45. Wish me luck. I am going to keep writing it down and saying it out loud until it comes true.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams - Eleanor Roosevelt

p.s. I will be on Sirius Radio with Maggie, she is the host of "Making a Living" on Martha Stewart Living Radio (Sirius 112 and XM 157) coming up in May. Keep checking in for details on that.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Lunch at River Tavern w/ my friend Laurence Lavagne

She is a beautiful artist and potter. She is one of the crew I eat breakfast with some mornings at Simon's Market Place. I am so amazed at the talent I am surrounded by everyday. I am very lucky. Being at lunch today was a reminder of this fact and so very inspiring for me. It was so amazing seeing all of her collections of pottery all around the room. The collections are so strong. The designs, glazes, and pottery itself are so delicate and fragile...each piece one of a unique. I couldn't resist, I had to own a couple of bowls that are perfect for cupping your hands around and sipping any kind of hot liquid from. It is the beginning of a collection I will continue to add to.

All the photos were taken by Laura Larson
and just so you know how amazing she is, all the photos were taken with my iphone because Laurence forgot a camera. Like I said, I am so lucky everyday. I am surrounded by talented inspiring people.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Colors of inspiration ....

I gave Laura my iphone to grab shots of these beautiful orange coy. The reflection of the blue sky on the water was an amazing contrast with the fish. We always see something beautiful on our walks through Chester.