Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Congratulations to my friend, Jonathan

For being featured in Business Week Magazine.

photo by Michelle Parr Paulson
photo by Michelle Parr Paulson

Jonathan in the kitchen of River Tavern.

Rapp uses this converted 1955 Ford fire truck for his series of outdoor dinners at local farms. Photo by Michelle Parr Paulson
Photo by Michelle Parr Paulson

The truck they cook on for Dinners at the Farm

an excerpt from the article:

'Revising the Recipe

I realized that I had had the equation backwards. I was making decisions based on what I wanted. I hadn't been willing to make the compromises (as I saw it) sometimes necessary to create a broad coalition of customers—something absolutely crucial in a town with fewer people than the number that walked by Etats-Unis in a day. In our own minds, we were the best restaurant around—but the fact was, we weren't connecting with our customers.'

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