Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Good News # 14

What's Going On

Busy, busy Darling's we are! The end of March found TrishDarling helping out with the 2nd annual Shagg Film Festival, JulieDarling waiting for a plane that never boarded to Sweden, and MoDarling running around Miami trying to catch some Miami Fashion Week. I caught a bit of the DRES show, (thanks to Mod Media for images), and a fab little visit to the KRELwear studio - excellent. Why stop there? Add in a quick excursion to Charleston, SC where it just so happened to be Fashion Week as well! This beautiful city was full of friendly faces and some amazing hats by Leigh Magar, her boutique is just a museum of hat forms, take a look.


Tib Nelson recontstructs

What's New

Lots of new designers popping up around here, have you noticed? I sure have, and many new lovely additions to stores that have been with us since the beginning - a little of both right in this newsletter for you.

Oooh la la, free spree!

The Darling's partnered up with Second City Style and Papierdoll for our latest giveaway - a Smashing shopping spree! Go check it out, and be sure to forward it along to ALL of your friends.

Speaking of great partnerships, our very own TrishDarling can now also be found over at the DIYCity community, where she is a contributing mag blogger as well!

Coming Soon

Blog Enlightenment

What do YOU want to hear or learn more about in the Darling blog? We want to hear from you everyday, what you like- what you don't like - what you need - what you want to hear/see more of. Don't be shy: call, comment, email!

Version 2, New Features

One day very soon you are going to type into that keyboard, and...gasp! our makeover will be complete; you won't be able to keep your eyes off of us! One of the new features to come is a juried shopping area, read more about that, here.

New darling, Misile

Smashing Kudos and tidbits

Ready, set, go...this newsletter marks a full year of Darling's in the blogosphere, wow!...Go vote for darling Lara Miller in the Downy Discovering Radiance contest...another darling - Evlove - in Daily Candy, sweet!....Robin Zingone is gaga over green...SheFinds loves Whosiepie aprons...MECA blog doesn't let a Student SMASH UP slip through the cracks (#3)...and Fasshonaburu digs Reddoll.

Until next month,

cheers ~ the Darlings

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