Wednesday, April 30, 2008

May Day Open House

Hi everyone!
Join us at MerGirl
Friday, May 2nd
for The Chester May Day Evening Stroll.

Italian pointelle knit top
Italian Pointelle knit top

We will be open until 8:00 pm for the festivities.
So please be welcome to stop by and say HI!

Bold print dress
Bold floral print dress

Bring your friends and make it a GIRLS NIGHT!
smashingdarling tee
Student Smash Up tee Tip toeing

If you can't make it Friday night
you can always find
Smashing Darling

As the co-founder for Smashing Darling
I would like to tell everyone
I am very greatful for all of your support.

To keep up with what we are up to at Smashing Darling
check in on the blog
hot in the blog
sign up for the
Please help me spread the word
sharing this with all of your friends.

I also recently became a board member for DIY City Mag.
I write a weekly post about how indie designers can promote themselves.
DIY City Mag

Always, feel free to leave me a message or a comment.
In fact I encourage it.
I want to here from YOU!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day, From My Friends at Compai

HAPPY EARTH DAYThis is a picture of a construction site near our home in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. This used to be a button factory. They demolished the building while it was still full of buttons, ribbons and other sewing notions. In a town so full of new designers, it's such a shame they didn't call us before wiping out the space to give all of the buttons and ribbons a good home. There are hundreds of thousands of buttons littered all over site-- a button graveyard. :-(
Happy Earth Day!
We over here at Compai have got a little crush on Mother Earth. We like to try and go easy on her, give her space and some room to breath--cause we recognize that she's been pretty maltreated over the years and is sensitive to people. This Earth Day we want to give her something really special...So we are giving her a couple of promises. Since January, Faith and I have made a no shopping pledge. If we are itching for something new in our wardrobes, we gotta make it ourselves out of clothing that we have in our wardrobes. Today we will make a second pledge. No more plastic bags. This one should be a bit easier than giving up shopping! I'm just going to carry a tote with me where ever I go...and remember to tell the at checkout that I dont need a bag. Its as easy as that.
These are just tiny things that I can do to make this place a bit greener... let me know on our BLOG
what you're gonna give Mother Earth this year--maybe we can all get together and get her an awesome group gift? What do you think?

If you haven't yet RSVP'd for the big Compai event in collaboration with Josie Maran Cosmetics at Steve Glenn's LivingHome, please email us at
There will be signed copies of 99 Ways To Cut, Sew, Tie and Rock your Scarf
available, as well as the inauguration of our earth-friendly clothing collection made of recycled materials, bamboo, soy, organic cotton and hemp.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Magnolia in Gramercy Park

I just had two amazing business trips to NYC.
I love NY in the spring.
The flowering trees are made more beautiful
by the buildings that are their backdrop.
I stumbled on this lovely magnolia on my walk
from SOHO to 50th st and Lex.
It was a great night for a long walk.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Good News # 14

What's Going On

Busy, busy Darling's we are! The end of March found TrishDarling helping out with the 2nd annual Shagg Film Festival, JulieDarling waiting for a plane that never boarded to Sweden, and MoDarling running around Miami trying to catch some Miami Fashion Week. I caught a bit of the DRES show, (thanks to Mod Media for images), and a fab little visit to the KRELwear studio - excellent. Why stop there? Add in a quick excursion to Charleston, SC where it just so happened to be Fashion Week as well! This beautiful city was full of friendly faces and some amazing hats by Leigh Magar, her boutique is just a museum of hat forms, take a look.


Tib Nelson recontstructs

What's New

Lots of new designers popping up around here, have you noticed? I sure have, and many new lovely additions to stores that have been with us since the beginning - a little of both right in this newsletter for you.

Oooh la la, free spree!

The Darling's partnered up with Second City Style and Papierdoll for our latest giveaway - a Smashing shopping spree! Go check it out, and be sure to forward it along to ALL of your friends.

Speaking of great partnerships, our very own TrishDarling can now also be found over at the DIYCity community, where she is a contributing mag blogger as well!

Coming Soon

Blog Enlightenment

What do YOU want to hear or learn more about in the Darling blog? We want to hear from you everyday, what you like- what you don't like - what you need - what you want to hear/see more of. Don't be shy: call, comment, email!

Version 2, New Features

One day very soon you are going to type into that keyboard, and...gasp! our makeover will be complete; you won't be able to keep your eyes off of us! One of the new features to come is a juried shopping area, read more about that, here.

New darling, Misile

Smashing Kudos and tidbits

Ready, set, go...this newsletter marks a full year of Darling's in the blogosphere, wow!...Go vote for darling Lara Miller in the Downy Discovering Radiance contest...another darling - Evlove - in Daily Candy, sweet!....Robin Zingone is gaga over green...SheFinds loves Whosiepie aprons...MECA blog doesn't let a Student SMASH UP slip through the cracks (#3)...and Fasshonaburu digs Reddoll.

Until next month,

cheers ~ the Darlings

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Friday, April 04, 2008

I Love My Little Egg Man

How could I NOT smile
with this little guy hanging around

He was my Easter Gift from Juliedarling.

I think I owe her one!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Get Your Indie ON!

Win a $500 Shopping Spree at
Smashing Darling is where you'll find fabulous designers Leading an Indie Fashion Revolution. Join us and Let Your Indie Out!
Smashing Darling has teamed up with Papierdoll and Second City Style to give one lucky winner this giveaway valued at $500.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Spring Is Here!

Happy Spring!
We are busy designing in the MerGirl Studio.
How could we NOT be inspired with beautiful blooms like these!