Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Do It in the Dark

I am joining Rufus Wainwright in his "Blackout Sabbath". He wants to save the world by unplugging and turning off the lights to live in darkness from noon to midnight June 21st, the summer solstice. I am going to join him. I encourage and even challenge everyone to do the same!

Why Not!

How badly could it hurt. It is after all the longest day of the year. I think it is a great exercise and challenge. So it is settled, Mergirl will be open that Sat. June 21st, but it will be dark. Bring your checkbook because the credit card machine won't be working. This is going to be fun.
One of his other wishes is to get The Empire State Building to be Dark until Midnight that night as well. Write them, call them and email them to encourage the almighty powers that be, to keep the lights off at least until midnight.


TD wool design said...

sounds like a plan. i shall not run the vacuum! but no internet? no, i can do it. it will be done :)

miss mo said...

i will be at a wedding that day.
guess i shouldn't pull all the plugs at my cousin's wedding...right?
hee hee!