Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Must Have Hats of the Season

Naik Fur has the must have hats of the season.
They are totally one of a kind and are made of kick ass crochet.

I love the inspiration here.
Roaring 1920's flapper cloches

The inspiration is vintage,
the technique of crochet is old fashioned,
but her design sense takes both of these things and makes them very current.

I just think they are totally amazing.
I own a halter top that has some of her crochet on it.
It is incredible.
Check out her videos on in her store on Smashing Darling, some of them are of her product.
So the purchaser can see all the way around them.
You can shop Naik Fur online here.
Kudos to Amy Hemmings designer of Naik Fur,
Jennine from The Coveted, wore a piece of hers to San Francisco Fashion Week.
She did a great interview with Amy, click here to read it.


MER said...

beautiful hats

Mergirl said...

Glad you like. Nail Fur has amazing crochet.