Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I love big rings!

And this one by Go Robot is amazing!
I am so excited! I just ordered it yesterday! The designer Stuart makes them to order so it won't be here for two weeks. I will keep you posted about my latest indie purchase. I love his jewelry, this is the second piece of his and I don't think it will be my last!
He is very inspiring to me and I want to design a mini collection around his jewelry. So simple and modern, I love the colors as well.
A description right from the designers mouth - Dark green transparent acrylic with white resin. Hand-shaped and finished to a high polish. Clean and striking. Fun to formal. chunky, but comfortable and easy to wear.
Don't be green with envy, go get one! Send a recommendation to your closest as a gift idea for upcoming b-days or holidays!
My last word YUM!


judithe & francine said...

Adorable ring, and adorable site! I am SO basing my next jewelry buys from your blog. Keep it up, MerGirl.

Mergirl said...

Yeay! someone else thinks this ring is cool too!