Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Dot Night

Well we had a great night last Thursday for our Dot Night open house. Lots of Dots were in town for the festivities! The Dot fan base is growing and soon it will include Man Dot! For that night I wore new Dot Dress. I did a collaboration with Whosiepie. She has a great strapless dress pattern. So I made a fantastic strapless Dot Dress of gorgeous Austrian wool. It will be on sold exclusively on Smashing Darling beginning this weekend.
Me Wearing Strapless Wool Dot
Shell- Bell Wearing Classic Short Sleeve Dot
Christopher Wearing Man Dot
Nancy Wearing MerGirl Dot
Buy it online here and join the Dot Fan Club.
The best part, if you are spotted by a dot fan wearing your Dot, They will tell you they know where you got it!

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