Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Where Do People Like Me Go?

It is just a question, where do people like me go? I am a fashion designer that decided a long time ago not to go the route of the fashion industry in NY. So what were and are my options. Frankly even if you want to be in the fashion industry in NY as a designer, the job opportunities are few and most aren't what you think they would be. So I ask this question again, If you are a student graduating as a fashion designer, textile designer or accessory designer, where will you go?
I chose to create my own job opportunity by opening my own store designing and selling my own clothing line. As you can imagine it has been a lot of struggles, trying to market, produce, manage, and design for this business. The one thing I couldn't do and had no time for was designing my store online. Well now there is a site that wants to help, Smashing Darling . The site makes it so easy to create a store and start selling. The best part is, I am now part of a community of independent designers. A place where we can support and promote each other as well as ourselves, and share customers. I know my customers like to find other independent designers, they will shop in my store, but I know they will look around for other great finds.
So maybe this is one of the answers to the question, 'where do independent designers go to create the career they always wanted?' I want every designer to know about this because I think it is going to help the independent design market become a driving force in the US.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Thank You

I just want to thank all of the fabulous blogs that have written about Smashing Darling
and the designers in Smashing Darling. They are all in my list of links. Even though the site is brand new the site and the designers have gotten some good press. The site has also teamed up with THREADS , a company on the west coast that organizes independent designer and lifestyle shows. So if you are going to be Seattle, April 22, 2007 look them up. They organize shows in a few cities on the west coast and want to expand, so look for their next show if you won't be able to attend Seattle.