Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Smashing Darling!

I want to put a call to all indie fashion, accessory, & textile designers, check out www.smashingdarling.com. A very cool concept, a place for indies to have a store and sell their items as well as be a part of a community. That way we all work together to help promote and support each other. For example, as a designer that already owns a store, I can invite all my customers to the site. My customers can find every other designer on the site, and others can find me. There is a place for me to mark other designers from the site in my favorites, my customers will go check out these other designers because they trust what I recommend. There is a way to give an interview or film the inside of a store, design studio, or workroom. If you have done a fashion show and filmed it that can be put in your store as well. So tell everyone you know.


joan said...

I bought your FABULOUS green/white knit dress and have worn it to wide acclaim. Love it Love it.

how do I wash it??


Mergirl said...

YEAY! Thank you!

You can hand wash dry flat or use gentle cycle in washing machine. I would was inside out.

I would hang or dry flat. I always find that the dryer does a number on fabrics like that.

I'm glad you like the dress! keep checking in!

See you next time you are in Chester!