Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Smashing Darling!

I want to put a call to all indie fashion, accessory, & textile designers, check out www.smashingdarling.com. A very cool concept, a place for indies to have a store and sell their items as well as be a part of a community. That way we all work together to help promote and support each other. For example, as a designer that already owns a store, I can invite all my customers to the site. My customers can find every other designer on the site, and others can find me. There is a place for me to mark other designers from the site in my favorites, my customers will go check out these other designers because they trust what I recommend. There is a way to give an interview or film the inside of a store, design studio, or workroom. If you have done a fashion show and filmed it that can be put in your store as well. So tell everyone you know.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Calling all designers

I picked up this months British Vogue while in NY last weekend. I love Vogue from other countries. I don't know what has happened to the American market but it is sad. This Vogue has great fun, playful fashion photography in it. Maybe all of the photographs don't make sense to everyone, but that is the beauty. Sometimes it is great to see fashion just being fashion for fashion's sake and not because it can sell a billion pieces at mega-store of the month. I feel like American Vogue is falling victim to the mass machine. Pretty soon it might actually look like a gap catalogue. Any way, another cool thing I found was this ad that says
' Take the place of the big ones', It is for the Mango Fashion Awards. Very cool thing happening in Europe for young designers. That is the other thing I think Europe is so much further along in promoting and helping young indie designers. I hope this movement takes off in the good old USA as well. Hope it warm where you are.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Deja Vu

I was back in the city again on Saturday, this time to check out the Vintage show. Another great resource if you are anywhere near or in the city. Sometimes I find inspiration in the fabrics, sometimes it is in the styles and sometimes it is just a mood there. It will be there again in May, go to www.manhattanvintage.com for more info. Picked up lots of info about other vintage shows coming up. The Boston Antique Textile & Vintage Fashion Show is coming up March 31 - April 1 at Bayside Expo Center, 718-832-4039. The Pier Antiques Show is March 17 - 18, Pier 94, NYC 212-255-0020 this show includes vintage Fashion Alley, admission is $15.00. Sturbridge Mass has the Vintage Fashion and Textile Show, May, 7th 207-439-2334.