Monday, January 08, 2007

Rainy Day Fun!

I could not have been more wrong about it finally getting cold in New England! It was 71 degrees in the sun at my house on Saturday! This is insane, and I am a winter baby. I love winter and snow. I am actually one of those sick people that actually likes to shovel! Sorry, not for anyone else but me. I am in my studio watching it pour, getting ready to throw out the entire contents of this place so I can start designing my spring collection. No, that isn't the fun part, (actually it will be) the fun part is I am having lunch with a fellow indie designer and friend to talk about collaborating together on some peices for spring. I love the possibilities that are created when people smash their ideas together. She is a screen printer, she has a children's line and a women's line that she will be expanding this year. Her website for children is You can check out her style there and soon she will have a store online as well as myself. I hope you are doing something productive today!

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