Friday, January 26, 2007

I love NY

Yeah! I am off to NYC this weekend to hit a few museums, my favorite fabric stores and to check out this market actually called, The Market NYC, young designers market. It happens every Sat. and Sun. Always fun to see what other indie designers are up to. I want to go to Momo Falana, they dye garments like no other! They take my 2 favorite things and combine them. They have a lot of bias cut dresses they hand dye. Bias is my favorite. So sexy and feminine. To me it is the equivalent to wearing liquid fabric. Even though I love to dye things, I can't imagine how they do what they do. I wouldn't want to know either. I love that they do it and I get to appreciate it. They are at check them out.
On another note, I just started working with a screen printer. She is a lot of fun. I am designing all the peices, she is doing the screen printing. Promise when they are done, I will have figured out how to use my digital camera so I can upload a picture or two. You can check out her things at

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