Wednesday, December 06, 2006

' Tis the season

Its all about lookin' good and feelin' good. How could you not with these beautiful garments to help keep you warm. Check out, She has some great coats and pants. Perfect timing, winter has just arrived here. Up until now we have been quite warm. I think the cold is here to stay. We actually had flurries on Monday morning. I love snow. The way I see it, if it has to be cold it might as well be pretty. I think it is very pretty when it snows! I'm glad it is a bit chilly, It was hard to think about holiday decorating with it being so warm. We have a huge magnolia tree on our main street, loaded with buds because it has been so warm. I think it actually would have flowered if it were warm for a couple more days. Would have made a great photo to see this fabulous tree loaded with flowers and covered by snow. Any way I hope everyone is lookin' good and feelin' good today!